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Support Call

With CXM call recording systems and software, you can record your phone calls quickly and easily — without breaking the bank. Comply with new policies and government regulations while improving customer experience and enhancing your bottom line.

Major Benefits

  • Improve Customer Service, Experience, Revenue – review voice interactions quickly and easily to strengthen your organization

  • Keep Your Customers Happy – knowing when, how and why problem calls are happening allows your business to take action quickly. It’s one key to reducing customer churn.

  • Reduce Your Liability – Eliminating disputes over what was said on a call lowers your legal risk.

  • Stay Compliant – Adhere to all business regulations that require calls to be recorded and archived.

Call Recording FAQ

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Computer Tutorials

Add screen recording to get the full picture of your team's performance. CXM synchronizes audio and video playback from inbound and outbound calls, so you can comprehensively review staff performance and customer interactions and responses.  

Major Benefits

  • Improve Customer Service – Determine which agents/employees require training to locate and use customer services quickly.  This improves the customer experience and helps agents process and complete calls faster.

  • Record Screen/Desktop-only – CXM can record screen/desktop-only with no call being active

  • Discover Order Discrepancies – screen/desktop recording shows what the agent actually ordered to compare with what was said verbally

Screen Recording FAQ

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Customer Support Agent

Give managers and supervisors a variety of real-time views and insights into how team members are handling customer interactions RIGHT NOW.  Live Monitoring is the foundation of Quality Monitoring — the technologies needed to increase customer experience (CX), overall customer satisfaction (OSat), and company revenues.

Major Benefits

  • Know What’s Happening NOW. The CXM Live Monitor module allows managers and supervisors to see the real-time status of any or all agents in their group (or the entire contact center). Double-click on any agent/call to instantly hear the live audio and see the video feed from the team member’s computer desktop. 

  • Handle Issues BEFORE they Become Liabilities. Live Monitoring allows authorized parties to listen during calls to confirm proper interaction with every customer. Real-time quality monitoring is especially important while on-boarding new team members, to ensure their compliance with company scripts and policies.

  • Trust your Team, but Verify the Dream. Managers and supervisors need to trust their teams to do “the right thing." But trust requires verification. Are team members using the correct company greeting? Are they listening to customers or interrupting them? Are they able to access resources quickly to provide the information a customer wants and needs? Are calls being escalated according to company policy? Live Monitoring lets you "verify the dream" and KNOW calls are being handled the way you want.

Live Monitoring FAQ

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Customer Support Representative

Get a crystal-clear view of team member performance, then help them make continuous improvements to their customer interactions using CXM Agent Evaluation (Scorecard), with built-in Coaching and E-learning features.

Major Benefits

  • Well-trained, Confident and Happier Agents. CXM Agent Evaluation lets managers and supervisors share graded evaluations with their agents to review and absorb the coaching recommendations and quickly improve their skill in handling customer calls.

  • Customize your Agent Evaluations and Scorecards. CXM evaluation templates are user-defined and can be customized with scoring relevant to the skill-sets your agents need.

  • Track Agent Progress Over Time. When training agents in a specific skillset over time, agent trending reports track overall improvement. This allows managers and supervisors to track agent progress over a period of days, weeks or months.

Performance Evaluation FAQ



3D Scans

Protect your organization against data breaches and achieve PCI and HIPPA compliance by capturing everything you need, and nothing you don’t. CXM ConForm prevents sensitive information from being recorded by automatically pausing whenever a customer shares sensitive information (credit card numbers, security codes, social security numbers, etc.), then automatically resuming immediately after. While screen recording, sensitive data does not appear on screen or get recorded.

Major Benefits

  • Eliminate the Risk of Data Breaches. CXM ConForm uses Recorder Control Service (RCS) to perform credit card muting — automatically pausing recorded voice and screen data whenever sensitive information is shared. Because sensitive data is never recorded, you can’t be liable.

  • Highest Levels of Security. ConForm security features include: Restricted Access to Data (complies with PCI DSS Req. 3, 7 and 9); Disk and Network Encryption (complies with PCI DSS Req. 3, 4, and 9); User Security and Audits (complies with PCI DSS Req. 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, and 10)

  • Extremely Cost Effective. ConForm makes PCI and HIPPA compliance achievable and affordable with standard and optional features that can be customized for your unique recording needs. The cost of ConForm is a tiny fraction of the potential cost of compliance fines or legal liability from a data breach.  

PCI & HIPPA Compliance FAQ

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Gather key business intelligence via real-time or post-call listening to every customer interaction. Our speech analytics solution analyzes your choice of calls across all communication channels: calls, chat, email, and social.

Major Benefits

  • Improve CX, CSat, OSat, NPS, CES and more. Speech and engagement analytics automate the ability to listen to every customer interaction. This data helps improve agent performance, increased sales, operational efficiency, customer experience, and regulatory compliance.

  • Gather Key Business Intelligence. Speech analytics automatically analyze the words, phrases and even emotion present in your organization's calls, then provide detailed statistics and reports. Through a combination of Tagging and Scoring, you immediate have a clearer understanding of customer sentiment, satisfaction and other factors.

  • Gain Multi-channel Insights. CXM leverages the leading cloud-based voice of the customer analytics solution to analyze customer interaction across ALL communication channels: calls, chat, email, and social.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Post-call Analytics. You choose how quickly actionable insights get delivered to supervisors, business analysts and executives. 

  • Sample Calls to Save Money. Speech analytics are processed through a market-leading CXM vendor and billed hourly by the amount of agent-talk time being processed. Why pay to analyze every call when CXM can automatically supply a representative sample of calls to gain the same insights?

Speech Analytics FAQ


"Our credit union uses all of CXM’s core applications. In just 8 months of use, our Customer Satisfaction and Overall Satisfaction metrics increased by more than 15%. The CXM Version-6 user-interface is great, with many new enhancements. It allows us to do more on one screen than any other software I have used in my career. Great support, and CXM provides unlimited Admin/User training at no-cost."

April L.
Call Center-Director
Multi-Location Credit Union