How Healthy is Your Quality Monitoring in the Contact Center?

When was the last time you did an in-depth analysis of technology in your contact center?

Software and hardware are constantly being updated by manufacturers and it’s easy to get stagnant in your current solution. With all of the different options available it can be overwhelming to make a move to a new vendor or even to upgrade.

Here are a few questions you should evaluate to see if you might need to change your vendor:

  • Do you utilize cradle to grave recording?

  • Can your current recording capture your companies mini-Miranda with agents call?

  • Are you able to block recording on outbound calls to certain two party states by area code?

  • Are you able to record teleworkers?

  • Can you easily live monitor audio & screen?

  • Do you have the ability for a watch list setup for new agents?

  • Are you able to view agents’ notes entered on recorded call and easily searched?

  • Do you have a need for 2 way radio recording?

  • Can your supervisor take control of a call & agents desktop to provide great customer service?

If you are not currently taking advantage of some of pertinent topics listed above then you may be losing money and efficiency in your contact center. CXM makes it easy to upgrade your contact center technology. We’d love to talk to you more in depth about how to improve productivity in your company. Reach out to us for more information. Call +1(866) 400-4296 or email [email protected]

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