CXM Speech Analytics allows businesses to implement Speech Analytics without breaking the budget

Generally, Speech Analytics pricing is based upon the call recording file talk time, consequently, the monthly volume of recorded calls sent to the Speech Analytics SaaS engine determines the monthly & annual costs of using a Speech Analytics solution. In general, companies have no direct control of such high expenses, so allowing businesses to manage the volume of calls to be processed by the Speech Analytics platform, would enable them to selectively mine a percentage of call recordings, and benefit from a much more cost-effective solution overall.

CXM Speech Analytics Sampling Management is a feature designed to implement business rules to manage the volume (in hours) of calls the system mines and exports to the Speech Analytics platform. This solution is flexible, scalable, and effortlessly configurable.

CXM implements a “True Sampling” algorithm as the method in which the call recordings are mined. Calls are methodically sampled based on TOD (Time of Day), DOW (Day of Week), LOC (Length of Call), and by Business Unit/Group, in such a way that sampling becomes a true reflection of the average call throughout the entire day, week, and month. Also important is the ability to select call recording based on length, and hours allocation to ensure the proper distribution of call allotment throughout the month.

The main goal of the solution is to tightly control the volume of call hours exported to the SaaS Speech platform on a monthly basis, allowing businesses to experience the significant benefits of using Speech Analytics without breaking their budgets.

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