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Enjoy a streamlined and browser-agnostic user experience, anywhere on any device. Search and find Call Recordings and Screen Recordings faster than ever. Find out more in the FAQ below.


What purpose does v.6 serve?

CXM v.6 builds on over 20 years experience helping our clients use our software to build better relationships with their customers. v.6 makes it easier than ever for users to evaluate agent and team member interactions with clients, on both voice and screen.

What's new in the v.6 release?

V.6 is both an interface redesign and a major upgrade.

New features include:

  • Fresh, streamlined interface and Dashboard

  • Action Bar

  • Advanced Search and Quick Search combined into one screen

  • Improved Copy and Move Calls to Buckets

  • Drag and Drop Records

  • Links to external apps or URLs

  • New and improved Search Filters

  • Browser agnostic; works in all popular browsers

What did CXM change in v.6?

The entire CXM suite is now browser independent. We also combined the Agent Portal and CXM software into a unified interface, and added more powerful and intuitive search features.

Why did you change the CXM software?

Browser-based software has evolved since the last major redesign of CXM software. We’ve embraced that evolution and adapted according to our customer's needs.

Why do users prefer v.6 to previous versions?

The interface is sleek and modern, and the entire suite is easier to use and more intuitive.

How will v.6 affect CXM software customization?

The new platform is more flexible from a programming standpoint. CXM Professional services will be able to make customized changes more quickly than ever before. V.6 also allows us to respond to user suggestions for enhancements more quickly and decisively.

How will v.6 affect most users?

Users will save time leveraging the new user interface to search for voice and screen recordings.

What other challenges does v.6 solve?

With v.6, CXM is now browser agnostic, maintaining full functionality with all industry-standard browsers.

Who will benefit most from v.6?

Contact Center or staff supervisors who use the app to do live monitoring and search for call and screen recordings.


Any organization that requires call recording for compliance or wants to measure and improve agent performance evaluation. Implementing CXM ultimately increases revenue by reviewing conversations between agents and customers to identify shortcomings and improve upon them. Ultimately, CXM helps any company build better relationships with its customers in the contact center, at the office, and among remote teleworkers.

What INDUSTRIES benefit most from CXM?

Any organization will reap the benefits, but certain industries make call recording a quality monitoring essential. These include: banks and financial institutions, medium and small retail businesses, medical clinics, hospitals and pharmacies, local, state, and federal branches of government — any company with a contact center or team members regularly interacting with customers.

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