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Inter-Tel Call Recording

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CXM Call Recording and Quality Monitoring is an advanced, web-based call recording and quality monitoring solution that integrated seamlessly with Hertitage InterTel call centers.

CXM Call Recording and Quality Monitoring was the first to introduce a true web based comprehensive recording and quality monitoring solution to the market. CXM call recording for InterTel can be easily configured to automatically record 100% of your calls, a sampling of calls and the recording of calls on demand. Further, CXM can attach business rules data to the recorded call as a searchable field. Now you can search recordings by the resolution of the call.

CXM is a modular solution for call recording, agent performance evaluation, agent coaching, PC recording and customer satisfaction surveys. The CXM call recording solution for InterTel is scalable and can be effectively implemented in networked environments. Whether you have 10 phones to record or 1000+, the scalability of CXM call recording is a perfect fit.

CXM InterTel call recording and quality monitoring has been implemented around the world and is a perfect fit for InterTel users and dealers alike. CXM Call Recording and Quality Monitoring is a scalable and cost-effective call recording solution that supports a variety of call recording configurations including trunk side call recording, station side call recording and VoIP call recording. The CXM call recording solution supports advanced CTI integrations to the InterTel OAI link.

CXM supports call recording on the following Nortel platforms:

  • Intertel CS5200
  • Intertel CS5400

About CXM Recording
The CXM recording solution offers a wide range of configurations to accommodate the automatic recording of VoIP devices, digital phones, analog phones, and radios for a variety of industry leading platforms. CXM supports full time recording and/or sampling recording all within the same application.

CXM software is designed to evolve with you and your organization. Today you may be on one PBX type tomorrow another; CXM can easily be reconfigured from your old to new telephony system so you don't have to skip a beat or consider the added expense of purchasing a new recording solution.

Furthermore, CXM is multi-site, multi-PBX capable. Our easily and intuitive recording solution can record multiple PBX's centrally from one location for easily administration and archiving.